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Chicks Unleashed was created in 2003 by Rosie Goolden. Having worked on an amazing variety of courses and expeditions she realised that there were a huge number of women out there who felt that learning with other women’s simply a different experience. Chicks Unleashed started with and grew from the ideas, support and enthusiasm of many friends, colleagues and clients.

Rosie Goolden is a freelance mountaineering instructor based in Strathspey and works with Glenmore Lodge, The John Muir Trust, Alan Kimber, Classic Journeys, Tangent Expeditions, Stuart Johnston, the Ice Factor and the Irish National Centre. Rosie also runs her own private courses, tailoring them to her clients’ needs. In recent years she has been on some 40 expeditions, taking her to work and play in the mountains of South America, Africa, Canada, the States, Greenland and all over Europe. She’s developing a taste for new places and first ascents, and loves telling stories of her adventures with slides as they can’t failed to impress.

The first Chicks Unleashed seminar, the Womens Winter Mountain Seminar, was held at the National Outdoor Centre, Glenmore Lodge in March, 2004. It was meant to be a one-off, winter event. The aim was simple: to see more women fulfil their potential.

The women that came shared a passion for the mountains whatever their level of ability or ambition. To realise their ambition we created ‘courses for women, designed by women and guided by women’. Every available female MIC in the UK took part plus a careful selection of Winter MLs. 65 women attended, spanning a huge variety of age, experience and life. For one inspirational weekend we enjoyed an abundance of learning and banter, only heightened by the ‘challenging conditions’ (yes, we all know what that means). The atmosphere on and off the hill was fantastic. The Seminar had clearly opened a forum, a space that women were reaching out for.

The continuing response and enthusiasm from these Chicks has ensured that Chicks Unleashed continues.

Chicks Unleashed started in 2003 as a one off winter seminar in response to the desire of so many colleagues and clients to have the opportunity to learn from and enjoy the mountains with other women. The Women’s Winter Mountain Seminar was a fantastic success, and the continued enthusiasm and inspiration of everyone involved has ensured that Chicks Unleashed continues to flourish.

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